The Creation Theory by Cargo

In the beginning...

For this theory we'll be looking into the creation of the Pokemon Universe, to do this you must think what I think, Mew was formed in a big bang, he's the first pokemon. Then he makes Arceus, who makes the Pokemon  World, Arceus makes Palkia and Dialga, who make time and space in the universe.


Mew then makes Groudon, who makes the ground, Kyogre, water, and Rayquaza the air, basically ever legendary makes part of the world.



Mew, being the first pokemon then manages to create millions of cells who grow to be different pokemon, one of them being Celebi, who can travel in time.


Part of this theory is to prove that all spin-off games are the in same universe, apart from Mystery Dungeon. People say that Pokemon Conquest cannot be since of Mewtwo, but if Mewtwo is a clone of Mew, the first pokemon, and Celebi came from him, that could mean that Mew and Mewtwo can time travel, that would explain Pokemon Conquest, and that all games are linked.



Thank you for reading this theory, and goodbye. Cargo

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